Learning Support Unit Autism

Students from the LSUA giving a talk at assembly for Autism Awareness WeekStudents learning about gardeningLSUA students celebrating book-week

The Learning Support Unit Autism (LSUA) is a special setting that caters for the unique needs of students with autism at Canberra High School. Having autism (including Asperger's Syndrome) does not mean you cannot learn, in fact some of the smartest people around have autism. This can mean that they think differently, which can make it hard for them to be understood or for them to understand other people and situations. This can make life difficult for a person with autism. It may be hard to make new friends or to know what is expected of them in a new situation. The LSUA provides a program which targets these unique needs, including highly structured programs for literacy, numeracy, language and communication, and social skills. An LSUA student's program typically contains a mix of classes in mainstream high school and also specialised classed within the LSUA. The LSUA also provides support for our students in mainstream classes. The process of gaining a place in the LSUA is controlled centrally by the Education Directorate.