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Online Learning

Parents and Carers

Parents and carers will need to think about how best to support their child’s learning whilst at home. As a parent/carer of a teenager it is imperative that during this time of home learning parents engage deeply with their child’s learning. Some students will thrive in home learning whilst other students will need further support. Below are suggestions to assist parents in providing the best possible learning environment for their child.

Establish routines and expectations

From the very first day it is vital that parents set up routines and expectations for their child, just like in a regular classroom. Sit down with your child and agree together what the expectations and routines will be for home learning. This should include:

Define a physical learning space for your child to study

Monitor communications with your child’s teacher

Take an active role in helping your child in helping your child process and own their learning

Encourage physical activity and exercise

Screen time and social media