From the Principal

Principal Phil

Our Principal, Mr Phil Beecher, came to our school at the beginning of 2008.

Phil was previously the Deputy Principal at Hawker College. He has over 25 years of teaching experience in both College and High School sectors. He has taught English and Drama and worked as an executive teacher in student welfare.

From Phil…

"For me the most important thing educators can do for students is to prepare them for life after school. I want our students to be confident about the future and have choices available to them.

What I like about Canberra High is the way it provides opportunities for our students to develop their individual talents. It has a long standing tradition of excellence which I am very keen to continue.

I also like the faculty based structure. This means our teachers are working in their area of expertise giving our students the best opportunity to learn. Our teachers have a good mix of ages and experiences and are focussed on individual student needs.

I am keen to strengthen our learning community of teachers and parents working together to support our students. I invite you to become part of this community and look forward to welcoming you to our school."