Students are welcome in the Library to print assignments, use the Collection or simply chat until the school bell in the morning. It is only closed during recess.

A Space for Everybody

We have extensive fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, and manga sections.  The Collection is accessible through Oliver via the Digital Backpack as are the online databases and Clickview.  Students are also encouraged to make suggestions about books for purchase.

The comfortable lounges make the Library a welcoming space for students to use to relax, read, play board games or chat with friends.

The three classroom spaces are used by teachers for lessons or for guest speakers.

Our displays aim to keep students and staff up to date with important events, news, new resources and showcase student work.


Students can borrow up to 6 items in addition to their textbooks.  The borrowing period is 3 weeks.


Orientation lessons in year 7 introduce students to the Collection and the information literacy process.  Library staff work closely with teachers and students on assignments as well as helping with printing, borrowing and recommending reading.