Arts Showcase eveningCanberra High Students have won the Arti In Butt Out competition 3 years runningPainting during an aboriginal art workshop

Our Arts curriculum offers a full range of Arts subjects in the areas of visual and perfoming arts and media. Students have the opportunity to study:

In Year 7 students will take part in our visual art program, Artworks. All Year 7 students also study music, but they choose one of the following options;

Artworks plus Musicworks: guitar, keyboard, drumming, singing.

Band Workshop (includes Artworks and Technology) flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, euphonium, tuba, bass, percussion  - this is for beginners and continuing band students

In Year 8 students can elect to study semseter units in Art, Dance, Drama, Music or Band..

For Years 9 and 10 students can choose to study any of the following electives:  Digital Photography. Film Photography, Video Production, Advanced Photography & Video, Ceramics, Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Band.

Arts Enrichment Opportunities

Music Enrichment opportunities include String Ensemble, for students who play violin, viola, cello or double bass.

Canberra High Afternoon Music Program (CHAMP), provides private instrumental tuition for all interested students.

CHSTV provides enrichment opportunities for students interested in film, TV and other creative industries. It is a student run initiative,  with students filling roles such as station director, camera and sound operators, editors, producers and directors. CHSTV is broadcast through the cLc, our student online learning system (use the link on the homepage)

Camera Club provides interested students in Years 7 & 8 with the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of photography. It runs one lunch time per week in the Photography Room and explores both digital photography and traditional black and white techniques.