Canberra High School P&C

Our Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is a great way to stay informed, share ideas and be involved with our school.

For more information on the Canberra High School P&C, please visit https://www.chs.pandc.asn.au/

Canteen Sub-Committee

The Canteen Sub-Committee is a part of the PandC Committee.

Our aim is to be financially sustainable, give advice and support to the school canteen.

We’re a small group of volunteers which consists of a convenor, a secretary, a treasurer, and a general committee member. New members always welcome to share the load.   Our role is to provide oversight and planning to the canteen staff and are the liaison point between the PandC Committee and the school canteen.

On average, we meet in weeks two and seven each term.

The Canteen Convenor can be contacted at canteen@chs.pandc.asn.au

The Canteen Committee can be contacted at canberrahighcanteen@gmail.com