Studies of Society and Environment

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In SOSE students discover and interpret the world around them through the fields of History, Geography, Commerce and Civics. SOSE courses have a strong emphasis on critical thinking, research, and expressing ideas using various forms of written and oral communication.

Our students study SOSE at each year level via a combination of compulsory and elective units.

Year 7 & 8 Program

A common curriculum in Year 7 and 8 units introduces students to the breadth of subject areas and helps them develop the core skills they will need to study SOSE in their senior years.

Year 7 Units of study include:

Year 8 Units of study

Yr 9 & 10 Program

In Years 9 and 10, students study a minimum of three courses across the four semesters. We have two compulsory units, which all students must complete, with subsequent courses selected from a range of electives.

Compulsory units:

Year 9

Year 10

Year 9 & 10 SOSE Electives