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Mathematics Is Studied by All Students

Mathematics is studied throughout years 7 - 10.

All Students Complete Australian Curriculum Mathematics

Students complete work to demonstrate the achievement standards from the Australian curriculum and are in ability groups to give them the best possible opportunities. Teachers use a variety of diagnostic, formal and informal assessments to determine a students mathematics level and this is taken into account when creating and allocating classes. All students study the same topics.

For students who are more proficient in mathematics there is additional enrichment opportunities available to increase their breadth of knowledge and problem solving skills. For students who are unable to access the achievement standards of their year level, an individual learning plan will be created in consultation with parents and carers to set achievable and relevant goals. In 2020 all students have access to the online program Mathspace to assist them in meeting their needs.

Mathematics Enrichment

Students may participate in Mathematics Enrichment Programs in addition to work offered in class.

Mathematics Support

Maths support is offered at various times throughout the year in addition to ongoing support by the classroom teacher. Students will be notified through the daily notices when it is being offered. Maths teachers will be available at these times to assist students with their studies.

Mathematics Year 10 Elective

Students who are achieving A or B grades in year 9 and are considering studying specialist mathematics or mathematics methods at college should complete the Mathematics extension elective for one semester in year 10 in addition to their core class.