Mathematics Enrichment Programs

Each year all our students can choose to participate in the following competitions:

Certificates are awarded to all participants. There is an entry fee for each of these competitions.

Programs for Gifted and Talented Students

Each year, gifted mathematics students can choose to participate in the following programs offered by the Australian Mathematics Trust:

Maths Challenge Stage

The Maths Challenge Stage competition usually takes place at our school in semester 1. Students are asked to solve 6 problems. Four of these are done individually. The other two may be discussed in pairs but the solutions must be presented individually. Students have three weeks to work on the solutions to these problems.

Maths Enrichment Stage

The Maths Enrichment Stage is held at our school and runs for sixteen weeks from April to September.

It is a very challenging program where Year 7, 8 and 9 students attempt to solve twelve problems and Year 10 students attempt to solve sixteen.

Different problem levels are offered to each year group.

A teacher from our school marks these problems on a regular basis during the sixteen weeks of the program.