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The Inspire Program for our Gifted and Talented Students

Applications are open via the link below:

The Inspire Program is offered to cater for the individual needs of our gifted and talented students. Inspire is embedded across all areas of excellence in the school, including academic, creative, sporting and leadership pursuits. A student may be extended in either one or more subject area and options for accelerated learning are also available.

Inspire Selection Process

The selection process involves a multifaceted approach and includes the following:

Upon successful entry, Inspire students are granted genuine extension opportunities as an enriched alternative to the mainstream assessment criteria. These tasks are carefully designed in conjunction with both an expert teacher and the school's gifted and talented coordinator, specifically for the interests of the student.

Inspire students are also extended both culturally and socially through philosophy classes held regularly with their peers. These lessons support deep thinking and offer a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded students.

Competitions, Special Programs, Guest Lecturers and Excursions

Whilst it is the policy of the school to ensure that all students can participate in subject specific competitions and special it is expected that Inspire students who have chosen a particular Inspire subject must participate in any competitions and or special programs if available. This includes non-subject specific competitions such as the Da Vinci Decathlon, Tournament of the Minds, Inter school parliamentary debating and the Ethics Olympiad. It will also include a range of subject specific competitions. For maths this will include competitions like Maths Challenge, Maths Enrichment, CAT and the Maths Competition. In English it will include competitions such as the Yarra on Line Book Review competition, Short Story and Poetry competitions. In Science students can participate in the Rio Tinto Science competition and the Solar Oven challenge. SOSE students can undertake the National History competition the Spirit of Anzac competition and the Geography competition.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the school's Gifted & Talented Coordinator, Mel Timpson on 61420800 or via email at

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