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About Student Services

Student Services works closely with students, parents and community agencies to meet the academic, social, emotional and cultural needs of our students. We work as a team to deliver group programs, individual counselling and provide referrals to external agencies.

Useful Fact Sheets

Health and Wellbeing Services for Adolescents Factsheet

Resources for Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Factsheet

Year Coordinators

Our Year Coordinators monitor the welfare and progress of students. Students and parents with questions or concerns should contact their student's ACE group teachers and Year Coordinators as a first point of contact.

School Year2021 Year Coordinators
Year 7 Rachel Colbert and Cameron Betts
Year 8 Renee Kirkpatrick and Martyn Call
Year 9 Holly Britton and James Czarny
Year 10 Laura Gibbs and David Crowe Beveridge


Our school psychologist works with individual students facing a range of life stressors or mental health psychological issues or referrals to external support agencies. She also works with families to address student concerns such as mental health, school avoidance and relationship issues.

She is also involved in the testing and management of students with special needs where required.

Our psychologist is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact: Elise Watson  (Psychologist) tel:0261420800

Support for Indigenous students

Our Indigenous education team works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their parents and carers to achieve educational outcomes for our students.

Opportunities are provided for our Indigenous students to explore their cultural heritage and also educate the general school community about Indigenous culture.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral care coordinator manages the Student Services Support team. She helps us ensure that pastoral care is embedded in the curriculum and culture of our school.

She also offers programs for selected groups of students such as leadership training, peer skills training and mental health awareness, school related issues and relationship issues.

Contact: Melissa Beattie (Pastoral Care Coordinator) tel:0261420800

School Youth Health Nurse

Our School Youth Health Nurse supports us to address current health and social issues facing our students and their families.

She focuses on promotion, prevention, early intervention and referral options to help the students make a safe and healthy transition into adulthood.

Youth Support Worker

The Youth Support Worker is available fulltime at the school.

The Youth Support worker provides one-on-one support to students and their families and offers a range of group programs and activities within the school such as Breakfast Club two mornings a week and the Drop In Centre two lunch times a week.

Contact: Paul Simmons tel:0261420800