Our school offers a range of curriculum options and enrichment and extension opportunities for students who are interested in music.

The curriculum offers our students the following courses as part of a normal study program:

Year 7 Program - Musicworks

This one term unit introduces Year 7 students to foundation skills in Music. It covers basic skills in playing keyboard and guitar, singing and drumming skills, and basic concepts involved in reading and writing music.

Year 8 Program - Exploring Music

In this semester unit, students will build upon their music experiences to develop and reinforce skills in music reading, writing, keyboard and guitar. They will identify and discuss different kinds of music as we trace the development of Popular Music from its beginnings in the Rock & Roll music of the 50s to the current styles of today.

Year 9 & 10 Program - Music Workshop 1, 2, 3 & 4

Music Workshop 1-4 provides the opportunity for performance skills to be developed on guitar, keyboard, or ensemble instrument e.g. clarinet, violin (if the student has previous knowledge). Units (1-4) are allocated based on the number of units completed. Music Workshop consists of 3 main components: Performance, Theory and Composition, and Musicology (History and Listening). A focus topic is selected for the semester. The topic will not be repeated in a two-year cycle, so no student will repeat a topic. Focus topics include Film Music, Jazz History, Music History, Music and Media.

Band - see separate Band page for details

Music Enrichment Opportunities

String Ensemble

The CHS String Ensemble rehearses 3 times each term during school time. All players of string instruments (violin, viola, cello) of any standard are welcome to join the group. The ensemble performs at school and community events throughout the year.

Canberra High Afternoon Music Program

The Canberra High Afternoon Music Program (CHAMP) provides private instrumental tuition for all interested students. Tutors are provided through a partnership with Canberra Music Tuition (CMT) and cost $39 for 30 mins.

Canberra High Afternoon Music Program